Minutes from the July 13, 2003 meeting held at JoAnn and Grif Griffin’s home in Douglas, MA.

Members present: Jean Janotta, Susan Winters, Peter Dolan, Sharon Ruppel, Donna Johnson, Dottie Duclos, Brenda Dean, Kathie Chouinard, Cindy King, William Pechka-King, Gull Reidy, George Griffin, JoAnn Griffin, Joyce Leach, Wallace Leach, Sue Schroeder, Barbara Trainor, Diane Johnson.

Meeting called to order 12:25pm by President Jean Janotta

1. Introductions of people in attendance.

  1. Secretary’s report: Minutes from the March 2003 meeting were accepted as submitted.
  2. Treasurer's report – Dottie Duclos
  1. ASCA Affiliate report – Sharon Ruppel
  2.   Discussion and ASCA balloting. See New Business.
  1. Library report – Cindy King
  1. Sunshine report – Jean Janotta
  1. Event updates
For more event information, please check the ASCNE Website ( and other parts of this newsletter. OLD BUSINESS
  1. New Members: The following have been accepted for membership – Terri Collins, Allison Creswell, Margaret Meleski and Carol Casson.
  2. Bylaws – Renewal Question – Insuring ASCA membership: An updated copy of bylaw changes has been sent to Mary Ann for posting on the web. There was a suggestion at the March meeting to add wording to the bylaws about renewals keeping their ASCA membership current. However, the bylaws state that any person who renews membership is deemed to have consented to all current terms of the Constitution, Bylaws, Registry Rules, Regulations, Policies, Rules, Code of Ethics and Dispute Rules of both ASCA and the Club. It was decided additional wording was not necessary.
  3. Cattle Update – Linc Keiser via email. "We will have 17 head which translates into enough cows for twenty runs plus two spares. Bill Haggis is loaning us three, three will come from Tenley and I will furnish the other eleven. This way all the cows we use will be dog broke and used to being worked by Aussies. We are going to pre-sort so it won’t matter that the cows come from different places."
  4. Capital Expenditure – Sound System – Pete Dolan reported that at the May trial a horn speaker was tested. Pete is looking at adding two speakers and two stands for the amps for approximately $160 to the current sound system. It was also mentioned that the fair grounds at Harvest Moon has a speaker system and would it be available for use? Cindy King said that the speakers at Westfield had been used one year and that they had worked okay. Sue Winters made a motion to go ahead with the speaker updating, it was seconded by JoAnn Griffin, and passed.
  5. ASCNE Event Sponsorship for 2003 ASCA National Specialty and Finals – Sue Winters suggested a $250 donation to be spread across class sponsorships and $500 for stockdog finals. Joyce Leach made a motion to donate $500 for the stockdog finals and $500 for class sponsorships, Wallace Leach seconded the motion, and it was passed.
  1. Membership applications – Kathie Chouinard: The following have applied for membership in ASCNE.
  2. Ted & Karen Kurnat  Valerie Suprenant
    Fran Swanson
    Rita MacDonald Susan Winters
    Linda Cirillo
    Polly McCauley  Jessica Westleigh-Belanger
    Linda Prager
    Gwen Pierce Jessica Westleigh-Belanger
    Linda Prager
    Michele Scarpa  Audrey McKay
    Debbie Keach
    Robert & Mary Tripp  Jessica Westleigh-Belanger
     Linda Prager
    Gail Zwirblia  Clara Grover
    Sheila Dolan
    Caitlin Farra

  3. ASCA Balloting – Affiliate Vote – Sharon Ruppel
    1. All ASCA Kennels should be required to have Stockdog titles as part of their minimum requirement to achieve HOF – ASCNE response YES
    2. All ASCA Kennels should be required to have Conformation titles as part of their minimum requirement to achieve HOF – ASCNE response YES
    3. The rules for HOF Sire and Dam should require a set number of titles earned by their progeny, but not require them to be earned in any particular ASCA program – ASCNE response NO
    4. The TD (without requiring a CD) will count as a title for HOF – ASCNE response YES
    5. Should the HOF committee develop a HOFX program – ASCNE response NO
    6. Should the HOF Requirements remain as they presently are – ASCNE response NO
  1. 2004 Calendar of Events:
  1. 2004 Calendar of Meetings:
  1. Obedience and Conformation ROM Qualifications:
  1. Requests for Agility Co-Sanctioning:
  1. Seminars
  1. Achievements:
Meeting was adjourned at 2:20 pm.

Next meeting: September 7, 2003 at the Adamczyk’s in Warren, MA

Respectfully submitted, Diane Johnson, ASCNE Secretary