Minutes from the March 2, 2003 meeting held at the Log Cabin Banquet & Meeting House in Holyoke, MA.

Members present: Ann Chace, John Spivey, Tina Spivey, Jean Janotta, Andy Johnson, Diane Johnson, Lyn Scribner, Gull Reidy, Susan Winters, Alison Smith, Suzanne Natale, Valerie Surprenant, Leah Swanson, Diane Dodge, Alicia Campbell, Leelaine Picker, Claudia Reed, Suzanne Wood, Loretta King, John King, Nancy Gagnon, Gil Gagnon, Jessica Westleigh, Ed Jakubowski, Val Jakubowski, Debbie Adamczyk, Joe Adamczyk, Sue Schroeder, William P. King, Cindy King, Sarah Morcom, Celeste Morcom, Robin Gardell, Emmy Adasiewicz, Antonia Lake, Kate Viles, John Yarmac, Sheila Dolan, Pete Dolan, Dee Williamson, Joyce Leach, Wallace Leach, Wendy Dreyer, Karen Miller, Donna Hakala, Terri Altergotti, Joe Stoddart, MaryAnn Stoddart, Dottie Duclos, Donna Killam, Bruce Logan, Brenda Dean, Kathie Chouinard, Warren Robinson, Cindi Robinson, Heather Robinson, Sharon Ruppel, Pauli Haggis, Bill Haggis, Donna Johnson.

Guests present: Ethan Spivey, Rich Adams, Taylor Adams, Eric Gardell, Brian Rogers, Marc Belanger, Carol Casson.

Meeting called to order at 1:00pm by President Jean Janotta

1. Introductions of people in attendance.

    2. Secretary’s report: Minutes from the January 2003 meeting were accepted as submitted.
    3. Treasurer's report – Dottie Duclos
                 ASCNE Treasury - $20,534.70
                Rescue Treasury - $5,592.53
                 February Show – Income $2,400.00, expenses $1,570.00, profit $830.
    4. ASCA affiliate report – Sharon Ruppel
      Bulletin board on ASCA web site is available for communications in addition to ASCA-l.
      Non-ASCA registered dogs will need an ASCA Tracking Number as of January 1, 2003 in order to have ASCA qualifying legs tracked and to receive ASCA titling certificates. This is a one-time fee of $10 per dog. At the time of application the individual owner must also be an ASCA member (minimum membership type of Service is required). ASCA membership does not need to be maintained in subsequent years. It will be the responsibility of the owner to identify to ASCA the show or show and leg or legs earned when applying for a Tracking Number for those ASCA qualifying legs earned from 01/01/03 until submission of application.
      Late sanctioning fee of $50 per day for apps received between thirty and forty-five days of the event.
      Conformation: Agility: Stockdog: Committee Vacancies: ASCA Board of Directors candidate resumes are due by March 4, 2003 by 5:00pm.
      The 2004 ASCA National Specialty will be November 20-27, hosted by the West Coast Australian Shepherd Club and will be held at the California Mid State Fairgrounds in Paso Robles, CA
      There is a Stud Book in ASCA’s future
      The ASCA BOD is trying to determine factors that keep affiliates from applying to host a National event. In the case of New England there is a lack of facilities, shortage of workers and a lack of livestock, with the exceptions of ducks and sheep.
      ASCA is researching permanent locations for the Annual Specialty Event
      ASCA is looking for input concerning Hall of Fame requirements – look for a questionnaire in the Aussie Times
5. Library report – Cindy King: no new additions

6. Sunshine report – Jean Janotta: Hunter Atkinson’s cancer has reappeared.

.7. Event updates

For more event information, please check the ASCNE Website ( and other parts of this newsletter. OLD BUSINESS 1. New members: The following have been accepted for membership – Keli Gaunt, Jacqualine Owens, Lee Rush and Courtney Bache (junior member).

2. Insurance: Jean reported that ASCA has changed insurance carriers so New England will need to wait a bit longer.

3. Cattle update: Matt Mason has been "playing phone tag" with Gold Dust Cutting Horses in Chepachet, RI and has left messages but has not been able to actually speak to anyone If ASCNE doesn’t find one source for cattle, someone still needs to be found to own the other 10 head of cattle. Anyone with any other information on possible leads please contact Matt Mason (603) 648-2973 or <>

4. Membership renewal progress: Kathie Chouinard was very pleased with the response to the new renewal process using the cards, 201 of 237.

5. Voting on by-law changes:
Section 1.2 - Address, approved
Section 3.1.1 – Eligibility, approved; however need to modify the renewal wording to require current ASCA membership
Section 3.2.2 – Dues, approved
Section 3.5.2 – Lapsing, approved
Section 3.5.4 – Reinstatement, approved
Section 4.3 – Voting by Ballot, approved
Section 4.3B – Members Eligible for Voting by Ballot, approved
Section 5.1 – BOD Residence, approved
Section 5.4 – BOD Voting, approved
Section 6.4 – Expenditure Approval, approved
Section 6.7 – Move Show Coordinator section to 7.1.1, approved
Section 7.1.2 – Membership Secretary, approved

1. Membership applications: The following have applied for membership in ASCNE
Member  Sponsors
Terri K. Collins  Suzanne Natale
Susan Winters
Allison Creswell  Nancy Gagnon
Kathy Hubbard
Margaret Meleski  Jean Janotta
John Spivey
Carol Casson  Diane Dodge
 Claudia Reed
2. Capital expenditure – Sheila Dolan: Sheila discussed the ASCNE sound system and and quality of the system (or lack of it). John Yarmac offered to look into the cost of purchasing a whole new system. Joyce Leach made a motion to purchase a new system, no dollar value cap set yet, Wallace Leach seconded the motion. Before voting, Pete Dolan also suggested that the fairgrounds in Westfield be checked for a PA system already in place. Joyce Leach then made a motion to have John Yarmac check out pricing on a sound system, Wallace Leach seconded the motion and it was passed.

3. Use of rescue account funds – Sheila Dolan: Sheila explained there is a large balance in the ASCNE Rescue fund doing nothing. It is being held in case we have to support dogs that were placed as part of ASCNE’s rescue program. She suggested implementing a program that would use some of that money to support New England reps and dogs on a case by case basis. In some instances, reps end up fund raising for a particular dog because the national dollar limit has been reached. Celeste Morcom identified the need to keep a balance in ASCNE’s rescue fund since Robin Prouty continues to receive letters from the Vermont situation where ASCNE placed a lot of the dogs. Sheila proposed the BOD receive and evaluate requests for rescue funds for New England dogs with a cap of $500 maximum per request. If the Rescue fund drops below $2000, Rescue Show money would be used to bolster and maintain the account. Joyce Leach seconded the motion and it was passed.

4. ASCNE Thirtieth Anniversary pewter cups – Jean Janotta: The BOD voted to purchase pewter cups to be awarded at all 2003 shows in honor of ASCNE’s 30th anniversary. They have the ASCNE logo with ‘Australian Shepherd Club of New England 1973 – 2003’ around the outside. They will be awarded at each show for the following:
- Breed: BOS, BOB, BOS-A, BOB-A, Best Pup, Best JrH
- Obedience: HIT-N, HIT-O, HIT-U
- Herding: HIT-Started, HIT-Open, HIT-Advanced
- Agility – HIT-N, HIT-O, HIT-E
- Tracking - HIT

5. WASCUNY Think Spring Show – Jean Janotta: Deb St. Jacques has contacted the AKC clubs and requested that Aussies compete first in the morning on 4/5 and 4/6 so if individuals want to then enter the WASCUNY trial later in the day, there will be no conflict.

6. ASCNE event sponsorship for National Specialty & Finals: The question of sponsoring a class or donate to the Overall Finals was brought to the membership by Pete Dolan. The discussion was tabled for now.

7. Golden Paw Award: C. A. Sharp of Fresno CA is the winner of the AKC Canine Health Foundation First Annual "Golden Paw Award". Sharp’s article, "The Rising Storm: What Breeders Need to Know About the Immune System," was selected as the top canine health article based on the judging criteria of clarity, information, and contribution. This article appeared in the May – June 2002 Aussie Times.

8. Achievements and Accolades - Jean Janotta

      Bob Amen and CH. Arboretum’s Andropogon CD – Obedience Honor Dog (198.5, 195.5, 197)
      Bill King - 2001-2002 ASCA All Around Junior Handler (High Obedience and High Open Working as well) – Bill was awarded a trophy buckle by ASCNE
      Heather Robinson was recognized as the Region 6 Open Working Jr. Division (Started Sheep) and Working Junior Handler Division (Sheep) CHampion, and the Overall High Score Working Junior Handler for 13 – 17 year old junior handlers
      Cindy King thanked the membership for all the years of help, guidance and support that Bill has received during his junior handler career
Meeting was adjourned at 2:25 pm.
Title Bowls and ROM Awards were then given out.
Next meeting: July 13, 2003 - Griffin residence, Douglas, MA
Respectfully submitted, Diane Johnson, ASCNE Secretary