Minutes from the January 2, 2005 meeting at Canine Mastery in Seekonk, MA.

Members Present: Jean Janotta, Dottie Duclos, Sharon Ruppel, Diane Johnson, Pete Dolan, Kathie Chouinard, Paula Andrus, Linda Gray, Pauli Haggis, Bill Haggis, Cindy King, William L. Pechka-King, Jackie Owens, Gull Reidy, Dianne Barrett, Donald R. Johnson, Donna Johnson, Brenda Dean, Heather Robinson, Rita McDonald, Susan Winters, Sheila Dolan, Matt Mason, Loretta King, Donna Hakala, Tina Walsh-Spivey, John Spivey, Ethan Spivey and guests Joanne Gray, Cindy Booth.

Meeting called to order 12:00pm by President Jean Janotta.




Member Sponsors
Joanne Gray Sharon Ruppel
Donna Johnson
Robert & Mary Tripp Kate Viles
Barbara Barreiro
Cynthia Booth Kathie Chouinard
Dottie Duclos


The meeting was adjourned at 2:05 pm

Next meeting will be March 6, 2005 at the Log Cabin Restaurant in Holyoke, MA.

Respectfully submitted, Diane Johnson

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